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Robert W. Frampton, Capt.


Above:110' ADF&G Research Vessel Medeia w/ black-footed
albatrosses, as seen from Delta Oceanographics submersible,
Gulf of Alaska
42' ADF&G R/V Kittiwake, anchored Peril Straits, Hoonha Sound, SE Alaska
110' ADF&G R/V Medeia, Sitka Sound
Between 1997-2010, with over 1400 days at sea, Capt. Frampton was employed on Alaska Department of Fish & Game
commercial fisheries & management research vessels working the waters of SE Alaska, Prince William Sound & Gulf of Alaska.
Above, left to right: 110' R/V Medeia, engineer & relief captain; 42' R/V Kittiwake, captain; 105' R/V Kestrel,
commissioning &
relief engineer.
R/V Medeia, sea floor habitat survey, Fairweather Grounds, Gulf of Alaska
105' R/V Kestrel, transiting Sitka Sound, SE Alaska
26' M/V Alice B. Lawless (w/ Cinnabar, San Juan Is.), numerous Puget Sound & lower British Columbia excursions
32' S/V Cinnabar, numerous SE Alaska,  BC & Puget Sound excursions
Between 1980-2000, with over 10,000 miles logged, Capt. Frampton owned, sailed and lived aboard a variety of vessels home
ported in Port Townsend, Friday Harbor and Bellingham, Washington and Juneau, Alaska.  Above: left to right and all wooden:
the 45' Alden Schooner Prudence; the 32' Alden Malabar, Jr. sloop Cinnabar; the 26' M/V Alice B. Lawless docked alongside the
Cinnabar. Not pictured: the F/V Delores, a combination salmon troller & halibut long-liner.

Since being licensed in 1988, Capt. Frampton has logged over 3,000 days underway and 130,000 miles on off-shore,
near-shore and Inside Passage coastal waters while operating a variety of sail and motor yachts, research and commercial
Growing up on the shores of Puget Sound, Captain Robert Frampton started
messing around with boats as a youngster and stayed on the coast retiring from the
Alaska Department of Fish and Game as a research vessel captain. He is a Coast
Guard licensed 200-ton Near Coastal Master with Sail, Commercial Assistance Tow,
Radar, Marine Radio, Safety and Security endorsements.

A 39 year Alaska resident, his specialized maritime
area of service is the Pacific Northwest coast from
Southeast Alaska through British Columbia and
Salish Sea
into Puget Sound.  He has over 3,000 sea
days and 130,000 miles on the waterways of the Pacific
Northwest including research, private yachts and
charter vessels, both sail and power. He has voyaged
off-shore on the North Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean,
Arabian Sea and Red Sea.  
About the Captain...
Pacific Northwest Coastal
Vessel Deliveries, Services, Consultations
Capt. Bob resides north of Juneau, Alaska along the Tongass National Forest
shoreline. His off-the-water-times include an appreciation and study of northwest
natural and cultural history, indigenous landscaping, and volunteer work with
regional non-profits in SE Alaska and Newfoundland, Canada.